9 Habits of Happy People

Happiness – what is true happiness? It means something different to everyone. What makes me happy will not make someone else happy. So by definition it’s a ‘feeling’ – but is it something more than just a feeling? Is it deeper and more of a ‘soul’ thing?

Happiness comes from the feelings of joy, wonder, and satisfaction from your inner self, so forget external joys and concentrate on what is inside for everlasting happiness.

Here are some tips on creating this ‘soul’ type of happiness and working towards being a healthy soul:

1. This Moment Is All You Have – Be Present

• Stop thinking about the past, or worrying about the future. It is important to focus on the present, this moment – and only this. Being mindful and present is one of the most powerful attributes you can practice.
• You can’t control what will happen two hours from now—enjoy the small details of your day such as sipping a perfect cup of coffee, talking to your family, feel the sun on your face or close your eyes and listen to the wind or rain – be present.
• The single moment is where happiness is present – you get to choose how happy you are in that moment.

2. Be Grateful For Every Second

• If you find it difficult to ‘enjoy the moment’ or to ‘be present’ then try to focus on giving thanks and being grateful for what this moment represents: good health, a roof over your head, a sense of your spirituality, an exciting date to look forward to, your family or anything else you can find in this moment to be grateful for…
• Showing your appreciation for each moment will build your ability to be more present and will only attract more good things in the future… you are building a strong foundation!

3. Focus On and Spend Time In Your “Happy Place”

• Whether it’s the beach, a quiet room, a concert performed by your favorite band, it doens’t matter, it’s different for everyone. Pick your own ‘happy place’ and redirect your energy and perspective to something that makes you feel good!
• Your “happy place” can be absolutely anything. It could be a person, a place or a thing that that makes you feel calm and somehow better about yourself.
• You need to visualize and ‘feel’ actually being there, and take in everything it offers. Close your eyes and use all your senses to be in that moment, totally present so your senses are involved. It can be just a few seconds or it can be minutes – both just as powerful.
• Repeat this mantra throughout your day, “I take love, peace and kindness with me everywhere I go.”  If you need a physical reminder to say your mantra or go to your happy place, you can get the Free Meditation Mala.

4. Remember YOU Are In Control Of Your Thoughts

•  It’s a reality that you cannot control what other people do or how they will react,  don’t attach yourself to what they can or cannot provide you.  It is only you that can give yourself happiness.  Others can make you laugh or give you a good feeling, but we are talking about happiness – that is something only you control.
• Control your thoughts with positive affirmations and visualizations. “I can create the perfect reality for my life as I see fit, and it looks like this …”
• Too many people think that their circumstances control their lives – that their lives are a result of their circumstances.  The reality is the complete opposite!  Your circumstances are a result of what is going on inside of you!  To change your circumstances (relationships, happiness, finances, etc) you need to change what’s going on inside of yourself.  A great place to start is by reprogramming your thoughts by practising the affirmations and visualizations.

5. Allow Yourself to Get In Touch With Your Inner Child

• Is your life too serious these days?  Get in touch with how a child sees the world – practice that joy and letting go of that inhibition.  As adults we lose the ability to see life for its simplicity – we over complicate life. The challenge for you is to get down to a child’s level and see the simplicity. Amazingly when we do this we can tap into a childs lateral thinking and it’s amazing how suddenly we see a different – happier – solution to our issues!  Does this seem silly – yes… but if what you are doing now isn’t working, then what will it hurt?
• Laugh at the things children do, and be silly for the sake of it! If you see a swing – go and swing on it!  Who told you that you can’t have fun anymore as an adult? Who made up the adult rules that ‘silly’ is for children and adults should be serious?  Be mature, do mature things – but don’t give up on fun!
• Try this Exercise: Lie down outside on your back, and stare up at the trees and sky! (The world looks fun from this angle!) – Take your time – be present – just allow the moment to be what it is.

6. If You Have A Dog – Take Him Out for a Walk (and Let Him Lead!)

• Dogs have an amazing effect on the human psyche  they can perk your mood right up.  If you don’t have a dog – find a friends dog and take it for a walk. Try to not be too controlling – just relax – the dog will pick up on where you are at in the present – be calm and let your insides control your circumstances.  If you just ‘be’ the dog will follow suit.
• Track where your dog goes, take photos of him throughout the walk – what a great way to get outside your own life by watching the dogs life! Observe if he loves a particular flower, or does he head for the hills? Just let him go with abandonment and have fun!

7. Give Your Precious Time Away

• Give your time to others.  This is a huge ask in this day and age – we know!  However traits of happy people are that they give of themselves to others and it absolutely improves their happiness level.
• Contribute to s cause you’re passionate about – volunteer and give of yourself – you have a lot to give! Smile, and get to know those you’re helping. Ask questions about their lives and make them feel as if they matter. This is a precious gift to give someone – and will absolutely bring you happiness.  It takes focus away from you and widens your perspective – human connection (or animal connection) is happiness!
• Focus on the difference you’re making in someone else’s life, and make a monthly commitment (or whatever works with your schedule). Even if you don’t feel like making the commitment – try it once and see what it does for you.
• Repeat this Affirmation: “I make a difference in the lives I touch, and they make a difference in mine.”

8. Write Your Heart Out

• Stressed out? If it’s because of a particular person (a demanding boss, insensitive boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.) write out a mock letter (which you don’t have to send). Get it all out, no fear of repercussions as you’re not going to send it!
• Write freely, with no reservations about what you have to say – good, bad, ugly – get it all out there.
• Don’t censor yourself—the very act of writing can be a great way to purge negative feelings that prevent happiness. It’s very cathartic.
• After writing the letter, read it out loud and throw it away.

9. Get to Know Your Roots

• Find someone in your family (an older relative such as a grandparent, uncle or aunt) who can recall memories about his or her early life, or maybe they have memories about a fascinating period of history.
• Learn about your roots, where you came from and what perspective your family members have about things you could never experience yourself. This is a rich way to learn about them, yourself and the world.  TI may also provide answers that you currently don’t have.
• Gain a fresh perspective by listening to their stories, and improve your own happiness and appreciation.

A Few Final Words …

Happiness is all about the feelings you generate within. Focus on reconnecting with family members, giving back to your community and taking the time to have a child’s perspective. When you do, you’ll see that you hold the power over your own happiness!

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