Abundant Mind Videos

As you know by now, the most powerful and complex tool you possess isn’t a gadget or machine or even your own body (which is more complex than anything you’ll ever buy). It’s your mind.

However, just like all tools, it has to be maintained, looked after, and developed, to reach its full potential.

Most of us don’t bother or are too lazy to reach our full potential. We just react, go forwards, and deal with life’s challenges as they arise.

Abundant Minds have created a powerful new resource to help you overcome the issue of not moving forward by using subliminal messaging.

For some people affirmations don’t work – they need something much more powerful to completely reprogram their minds to achieve their goals.

More than 3000 people have used these videos to ‘realise’ their dreams. Realisation, in this sense, isn’t a trick or a magical process. It’s transforming the things that you think about into reality; ‘manifesting’ them in the real world. It’s using your own mind to its full potential, to change your own life for the better.

Each video combines four methods of reaching and influencing your subconscious:

  • High-definition video footage (what you see)
  • Meditative audio soundtrack (what you hear)
  • Binaural beats of specific brainwave frequencies (to intensify the meditative state)
  • Subliminal commands (a form of hypnosis)



These techniques will help you visualise goals, utilise the law of attraction and, ultimately, manifest anything you want in the real world. You may seek personal happiness, success at work, inner peace or specific skills. The list of topics is increasing every day; at present, the videos cover the following main categories:

  • Prosperity (money and success)
  • Special inner abilities (self esteem, confidence, escape, psychic abilities etc)
  • Love and relationships
  • Healing body and mind (banish painful memories etc)
  • Special mental abilities (willpower, memory & study, positive thinking etc)
  • Lifestyle enhancement (Overcoming Obstacles and Golf Excellence)

A total explanation of how these abundant mind videos work can be found on the official website – we highly recommend going there to get more information.

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