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What Tools Are Good For Meditation?

I imagine, like many folks, there was a time I attempted to meditate in a less than ideal environment. I’d force myself to get up early and use the couch in the sun room, the kitchen chairs, or other various locations that were just as bad as each other. I’d get interrupted by noises and sensations… like my kids jumping on me when they got up early.

It didn’t take me long to realize that having a dedicated space for meditation was the way to go! I also found that there is value in a few well-chosen accessories to a meditation space.

If you can create an association between tranquil meditation and a certain space and/or certain objects, you’ll attain that inner peace that much faster.

So I’ve put together a list of mediation accessories for you to start creating your own beautiful, serene space also. Whether a gift to yourself or to a loved one who meditates, this list should get you faster results in your quest for a more fulfilling meditation time.

Meditation Furniture

If you want to outfit a quiet space with purpose-built furniture (which I think is a solid idea), you’ll need a place to sit and possibly a table, at the very least.

Meditation Chairs

Of course there are many postures for meditation but to encourage the proper flow of energy through ones body, there are certain positions that are more beneficial.

A great way to sit is tall and as if you have a string attached to the top of the center of your head (the crown) and someone is pulling it gently up.  You’ll find your neck straightens and your chin rests in a natural straightforward position.

Personally I find it easier to do this if I’m in a chair that promotes that posture. It takes a bit of practice to hold a good posture without any help, so having a good chair helps and is one less thing I’d have to avoid obsessing over while trying to meditate.

Below is our top picks, followed by a more portable model and the Padma seat, which is really an accessory for any chair.

The Alexia Meditation Seat

This is absolutely hands-down the coolest meditation seat we’ve seen. We know it’s not the cheapest one you can buy and admittedly it’s not very portable, but it looks (and feels) sensational!

The Padma Seat

This isn’t really a chair or a cushion, but it’s a great way to hold your body effortlessly in the Lotus position regardless of what else you’re sitting on and it’s very affordable.


Meditation Benches

These should not be left out as they can be more comfortable to a lot of people than a cushion.  Because it lifts you higher off the ground, it is easier to use if you have limited flexibility.

The Ronin Meditation Bench

A beautifully designed, hinged, folding meditation bench made of sturdy walnut. It’s not cheap for a meditation bench, but it’s just so much better looking than the other options that it may just be worth it.

  • Handmade in Prime, High-Grade Walnut
  • Hinges clasp together with hidden magnets
  • Folds into itself for travel – very portable
  • Bio mechanically correct
  • Hand finished in natural lavender-beeswax coating

Meditation Mats

This category is also to help you sit properly and if you’re more experienced and don’t want or need a proper chair, you can save some money by just getting a cushion or mat. You can also use a mat in combination with a cushion. That’s what I do because anywhere your bones hit the floor (like your ankles in a cross-legged position) will start to hurt pretty quickly if there’s no cushion at all.

Organically Holistic Acupressure Mat & Cervical Pillow Set

This mat is sensational – it may freak you out initially but it’s seriously amazing.  It’s sometimes called a bed of nails.  It’s an acupressure mat that doubles as a meditation mat and will give you wonderful benefits both physically and mentally.  It’s used for stress relief and relieves back, neck, shoulder and sciatic pain – whether mild or chronic. Also relieves headaches and helps to improve sleep. It promotes circulation, and if you’re up for the challenge we think you’ll enjoy this.

My Zen Home Dhyana Meditation Cushion

This mat is part mat, part cushion – and oh so stylish!  It’s great for any kind of floor or for outdoor seating, but you’ll find it’s an amazing part of your meditation practice.


Meditation Cushions and Pillows

Here are some beautiful meditation cushions and pillows – they can be used with or without a mat.

Peace Yoga Zafu  Meditation Pillow

This Zafu Meditation pillow is great for tall people or inflexible people.  It’s got a great range of colors, is not expensive and looks great indoors and out.  It’s filled with cotton or buckwheat and is one of the more popular meditation cushions.



Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set

Perfect for all Yoga & Meditation Levels and Styles for any size person, small or large. Provides best seating height for alignment of spine, hips and less stress on knees, ankles, hips and lower back. Enables deeper, longer more comfortable and effective sitting meditation.


Mobile Meditator Inflatable Meditation Cushion

Perfect to take if you are travelling, inflates 3 separate chambers and when you don’ t need it just let the air out and pack it away!

We hope this is helping getting you on the track to making your meditation practice more comfortable!

Check out more on Meditation Accessories and Meditation Aids.

You can also get your own Free Meditation Mala (you will need to pay shipping and handling) but it’s gorgeous, made from sandalwood and has a sensational fragrance – we all have one in our office and find them just beautiful to wear and helps remind us to stay focused.


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